Committee Update

We welcome Mark Carter as our Chairman – Mark is making himself known to all exercise classes and the monthly meeting and will be appearing in the next issue of our Newsletter. Mark is also taking on the role of Publicity Officer.
We also welcome Peter Leishman as our Secretary, Nick Longster as our Fundraising Officer and welcome back John Mitchell as our Minutes Secretary.
July 18th, 2019|

Committee Update

Our new Chairman – Edward Kennedy has introduced himself to members at exercise classes, monthly meetings and social events over the past few months.  Joan Kennedy has also taken over the Fundraising role in addition to her role as  Publicity Officer. Jeff Lane – who produces our Newsletter has also recently been co-opted onto the Commttee along with Jackie McKevitt.

December 18th, 2018|

Committee Update

This summer we have welcomed several new members onto our Committee – including a new Chairman.

Our new Chairman – Edward Kennedy will be introducing himself to members at exercise classes and monthly meetings over the next few months. Edward is joined on the Committee by his wife Joan – who has taken over the role as Publicity Officer. New members also include Sheila Whipp – Minutes Secretary, Peter Leishman – Trustee, Nick Longster and Mark Carter.

The Committee has also said farewell to to several members: Eileen Johnson (Chairman), Mark Rice (Treasurer), John Mitchell (Minutes Secretary), Ron Robb (Trustee) all of whom take with them our grateful thanks for their sterling work for the Trust. They will be missed at our Committee meetings – although we hope they will still join us at our Monthly Meetings and other social events.

July 24th, 2018|